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Pink Studio is founded by Ananya Sharma along with the LGBTQ community for supporting them by providing careers and educating them on skills and courses. Our ambition is to establish LGBTQ friendly complex with an academy, saloon, photo studio, store, fashion centre, magazine house and many more specialities under one roof. It will make LGBTQ people comfortable at getting service and buying things and even conversing with someone in our forum conference space. We are creating it from scratch to give it the first try, we are fully confident about having a large community in near future.


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I think the pink studio a perfect idea for transgenders, it definitely holds the future of transgenders and other lgbt communities. I am glad to be part of pink studio. 

I can't wait to see the Pink Studio's opening, because I am transwoman, it's difficult for me to go at any necessary places like makeup studio, photoshop, and even stores. Pink Studio can be our heaven, I am still excited that, this will start in the Pune first! 

I am Shravani, and transvestite. I really loves to dress up as women, it makes me more independent person. But unfortunately, many workplace are not comfortable for trans people, I still have hope that, Pink studio will provide work and opportunities to enjoy life fullest. 

Sakshi, Interior Designer 

Neha, Dancer

Shravani, Software Engineer


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