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Ananya Sharma

Hello LGBTQ+

I am Ananya Sharma, Founder of Pink Studio. I was born in Pune, and I am 20 years old (2001). When I was young, I lived just a simple life without any ambitions. My dream is to help transgenders in India and educate them. I have a lot of interest in writing and technology. during my childhood days, I usually write a lot of short stories. I dreamt of becoming a computer engineer, because of my interests in programming and website development. Programming stuff drives me toward entrepreneurship about doing something big. I have a lot of plans to earn financial freedoms and have a quality life ahead. My ambition is to start a fashion-beauty brand and LGBTQ+ magazine for distributing the admirable work of LGBTQ+ in India. 


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My Story

My mom is a Makeup artist and my Dad is a businessman operating a few stores around Pune. Many people do question how I became transgender. In my childhood, my Mom used to do makeup stuff on me, this is fair for everyone when we are kids. She literally does my Makeup every evening, she lived young life and kept me happy all the time. Mom was a super friendly person and she's only my best friend. When I grown-up about 10 years old, she stopped doing makeup on me. But my lust for makeup was never got me off, I started to feel like being a girl because I sensed more adorable and comfier being a girl. Afterwards, my lust for being a girl was unstoppable, later I realised that I have gender dysphoria. I never revealed my parent about me until the age of 17. Soon they accepted me and I am one of the lucky ones to have a supportive parent. 


I have done numerous jobs during my teenage as a freelancer. I used to design websites for small businesses through creative platforms like WordPress and Wix. Later, I learned full-stack web development in HTML, CSS, and JS on YouTube. This was helpful for me to develop my skillsets for the job and creative work. Being a transgender person drives me crazy to become a successful person and this worked. I don't judge success always comes from making money, it should come from the art of living and how you live life and handle any situation. As a transgender, money is crucial for me, because I have to go through different procedures in upcoming years like surgery and self-care and this comes with a hefty expense.

This is why I started Pink Studio. The primary purpose of my life is to drive other transgender people successful in their life. Unfortunately, many of them couldn't push it so far because of limited freedom and discrimination in many societies including the workplace, hence through Pink Studio, we will provide Job to the LGBTQ+ community and also assists them to qualify for landing their dream job in their dream companies, for example, Google, Amazon etc. I don't how to start, but I believe it's a really big opportunity for every LGBTQ+ community and indeed it will be successful. 


In the last, I want to thank my Ex who inspired me and change my mindset to do something positive, I hope you have noticed this and how thankful I am. I will never forget how extraordinary this person was.


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Ananya Sharma





Transgender woman

155 cm / 5.1 f

41 kg / 90 lbs





High School Graduate, Pursuing Fashion designing

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Fashion designer and Programmer

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Petite, 31-24-34





Nose & Ear



Makeup, Writing & Travelling


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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