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Makeup at Pink Studio is like getting magic touch by Angel. We offers range of makeup styles like, casual, party, bridal, model, and many more upon on your choice. We use quality products for best result, and trained professionals belonging to LGBTQ+ community!

Bridal Makeup

Our Services

Fixing Makeup

Complete gender transformation package which includes, dressing, makeup, facial, hairstyling (artificial/natural), retouch and waxing. Our trained professional will transform you into most amazing person you ever visualised. Not only we offers male to female, we also offer female to male, or mixed. Our staffs are 100% verified LGBTQ+ people, so you won't have any discomfort. We offers transformation at your home too without any additional cost.

Blow Drying
Hair Styling

Get your hairstyle at our Pink Studio in your suitable style. Hair is considered one of the most identified object of human being to recognised character or gender. We offers and suggests wide range of hairstyle on which gender you want to live. Our best hairstylist will manage to make your look perfectly as you desired. We can do hairstyle if you don't want to get judge by other people and still look feminine or masculine. We also offer hair wig or extension suitable on your face.


We offers various facial package for different type of face and skin conditions. Our package includes, bleaching, exfoliating, scrubbing, skin lightening, oil control, skin softening, and anti-ageing facial. Keeping your clean and healthy make you more charming and increase beautyness. Our professionals will transform your face into newest one and get fresh feel of touch. We use high quality products and herbs for getting best result. We also have celebrity package to look more glamorous.

Wax Appointment

At our saloon we have dedicated space for waxing and hair removal process. We have various process for hair removal, leg, arm, chest, and back. Our trained professional will offer brazilian waxing too. Get your leg silky smooth and hair free. By doing waxing regularly it your skin fresh and clean. Hair regrows after a month or more. If you do waxing regularly every month, it will last long than before. We will soon get more advanced hair removing technique in upcoming days.


If you aspired to become a makeup artist, hairstyle and saloon manager, we are open to accept the application. We only accepts application from LGBTQ+ member and required verifications whether person is LGBTQ. We already know that, LGBTQ+ suffers from many discrimination at workplace, hence we kept our workplace environment 100% LGBTQ+ friendly. For joining saloon, you must be professional with proper certification from any institutes. If you don't have one, we will provide training by our certified trainer. You need to contribute some funds monthly for working at our saloon, because we are non-profitable and most of the revenue goes to our staffs and operating the PINK STUDIO. Apart from this, contribution fund is very low as per below average Indian income standard. If you work with us as a professional artist, you will get paid 70% of client's service charge/bill. Submit your application below to work with us and start earning.

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