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Pink Studio gives remarkable memory of your life. Get your moment click at Pink Studio and share your joy with your friends and family. We capture all kind of photo, for Marriage, Personal, Magazine, Travel, Fashion, Business and Official purpose. Our photographer are LGBT members and proud to capture your pride anytime.

Perfect Shot

Our Services

Young Model

If you love modelling and wants to capture the amazing beauty to remember in your lifetime, we are happy to click your moment. We have wide range of preparation for photo shooting including, makeup, light setup, and high end editing software. 

Partying with Friends

Events are always keeps remembered in photographs, stay with further generations and always make you happy when you look back at events. We offer event photography for Marriage, Birthday, Anniversary, Opening etc. Event must be held by LGBTQ+ client.

Small Business Owner

Official photography is necessary this days, it plays important role in showing your identities. We capture all type of business photography, personal photos, passports, branding and commercial. Never miss your amazing photos on your resume and official pages.


Video is the most realist moment than photography. Get your real life event in the world of technology. We offers videography for dance, short film, marriage, birthday, campaign, content creation and many more. Only LGBTQ+ clients will be accepted.


If you aspired to become a photographer, videographer and studio manager, we are open to accept the application. We only accepts application from LGBTQ+ member and required verifications whether person is LGBTQ. We already know that, LGBTQ+ suffers from many discrimination at workplace, hence we kept our workplace environment 100% LGBTQ+ friendly. For joining Photo studio, you must have your camera and systems. You need to contribute some funds monthly for working at our studio, because we are non-profitable and most of the revenue goes to our staffs and operating the PINK STUDIO. Apart from this, contribution fund is very low as per below average Indian income standard. If you work with us as professional, you will get paid 70% of client's service charge/bill. Submit your application below to work with us and start earning.

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