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Pink Studio has just laid a foundation for the evolution of the LGBTQ+ community. Our beloved community need the hands of an amazing author and journalist. Pink Studio Publication's concept was to distribute the positive importance of the LGBTQ+ community across the world, especially in Developing Nations.

We acknowledge you carry a bunch of narratives loaded with grinds and success, we like every LGBTQ+ community specifically Transgenders to pursue the path of a triumphant life. Books exist as an influential medium to transform the path of beliefs of numerous people to have a faith in the LGBTQ+ community's welfare. 

Pink Studio Publication works to publish books based on LGBTQ+ positive topics. We will help the author to reach their book uncountable numbers of readers. All the profits from Pink Studio Publication will fund the education of Transgenders in India (soon to Internationally). Our main motive is education for every citizen. Show your interest below. Thank you!

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