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Buying and Selling product makes easy if you have LGBTQ+ special shopping place. We will soon start online shopping for delivering products all over the country and might expand internationally in upcoming year. You can earn great income by selling product at PINK STUDIO's marketplace (online/offline)

Shopping Spree

Our Products

Dress Collection

We have fashion collection made for LGBTQ+ people with different customisation like size and colour. Our fashion products are made at PINK STUDIO's own fashion house by our LGBTQ+ tailor and designers. We have best quality clothes to get best look and make it reliable for long term.


LGBTQ+ people are most cosmetic lover in the world. We have wide range of cosmetics products from different brands, including luxury high end brands. PINK STUDIO is planning to create own high quality cosmetic products made by LGBTQ+ worker at manufacturing plant. Support us by buying our products.

Fashionable Accessories

We can't have sentiments and charms with having an accessories. We have wide range of accessories for any type of gender from LGBTQ+ to express your identity. We offers artificial jewelleries, non piercing rings, footwears, wigs and many more accessories to match your appearance of with outfit.

Skincare products

Hygiene matters a lot for staying healthy. We offer grooming products like soap, body wash, shampoo etc. We have sanitary products for women and sexual wellness products for both men and women.


If you aspired to become a seller, staff and manager, we are open to accept the application. We only accepts application from LGBTQ+ member and required verifications whether person is LGBTQ. We already know that, LGBTQ+ suffers from many discrimination at workplace, hence we kept our workplace environment 100% LGBTQ+ friendly. You need to contribute some funds monthly for working at our shop, because we are non-profitable and most of the revenue goes to our staffs and operating the PINK STUDIO. Apart from this, contribution fund is very low as per below average Indian income standard. Submit your application below to work with us and grow up your business.

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